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T                 estimonials

Neil and Jill Griffiths

Great teacher who always pushes dancer to be the best they can possibly be. All the latest sequence dances and always a great choice of music.

Don and Sheila Senior

We joined Heather's school of dance 5 years ago and love it. She is a brilliant teacher, with bags of patience and a sense of humour! We love the music Heather plays and she is always the perfect hostess. We've made lots of friends via Heather and have travelled to Australia to meet up with two of them. It's always good fun and a great way to exercise. 

Ann Summers

I have been attending Heather's dances for a few years now. It always amazes me how hard she works to make sure that everyone has a good time. The music is just great and the venues are always decorated to add that little bit more atmosphere. We always enjoy Heather's dances.

Fin Dwalley

Really pleased we found Heather Robert's dance at Eccleshall. Everyone is really friendly, instruction is light hearted, clear and at a pace to meet your needs. Choice of music is excellent with many new songs. Always something new to learn.

Malcolm and Carol Smith

Fabulous music, dances are always fun and very welcoming. I can definitely recommend a Saturday evening or any other evening dance with Heather Roberts. Absolutely fabulous!

Bob and Lin Silvers

Thank you for all your efforts. You are the best teacher around. You've given us a new social life and we really appreciate it.

Roy and Linda Bamber

Heather is extremely patient, she makes her dances and lessons enjoyable. A great social bond has formed with all the dancers, no one is left out. Heather adapts her lessons to the capability of her dancers and is extremely generous with her time i.e 'just one more time!'

Stewart and Alison

Alison and I have been attending Heather's dances, classes and dance holidays for about 18 months and thoroughly enjoy them. Although we have been dancing on and off for many years we still learn something new at her classes. Heather is good fun, a great teacher and always very patient - her "One more time" and "Let's have another for practice" are legendary.

Martin and Jenny

Really, really enjoyable. Jennifer and I are very pleased to dance with Heather at the Aquarius on Tuesdays and Boley Park on Fridays. We enjoy a variety of dances - Sequence, Ballroom and Latin. Great music that makes dancing a joy. The company of lovely dancers adds to a great atmosphere, and must not forget the fun we have at Heather's lessons on a Tuesday evening. Heather's dancing has given us a new lease of life.

Raymond and Karen

Never a dull moment at Heather's dances. Always a friendly crowd and always guaranteed good music that is always right for the dance, which is very important to us. The first time we went to one of Heather's dances we were welcomed into the fold as one of their own, even though we were from Nottingham! Even when we haven't been able to attend for a little while, we are treated like long lost friends. We have been on about 3 dance holidays with Heather and will be on more in the future as we always have fun and lots of laughter!

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